Kakefuda is a small but an unique furoshiki shop in downtown of Kyoto. Of course they have many furoshiki but that's not just like other souvenir shops - they manage all process in making their products by themselves. They design, take a pattern, dye and sew... thus workshop is rarely seen in Kyoto. When you enter Kakefuda you see an old sewing machine at the shop front, and at a back room, they dye a variety of cloth stuff like asfuroshiki , shop curtains and flags.

FuroshikiI is used to wrap everything people use in daily life in Japan. It is a simple square cloth, but it's quite functional- it can wrap any shape, and there are many ways of wrapping. Moreover, the decisive point is "reusable", "compact(when not using)". Recently it is evaluated as an ecological item in the world.

All of the silk furoshiki here are made to order. It usually takes from 6 months to 1 year by finishing it.

They show a lot of samples and give good advice to you. Talking with them, you choose the color, design and size.

Arranging sample pettern, creating totally new pattern, designing of pattern, pattern design ways are also up to you. During talking with you they recommend what matches you well.

They have started to make cotton furoshiki for casual use. Each of patterns is come from Japanese traditional one which means happiness, but all are exactly arranged to be cool.

Ways of wrapping with furoshiki are of a wide variety. It depends on what you wrap and how you bring it. Here are some basic and useful ways of wrapping, you should remember!

Ma-musubi: the most basic tying method
The point of wrapping with furoshiki is you master Ma-musubi which is the most basic tying method.
Cross the two corners of the furoshiki
Twist them

Cross them again
*Make sure of each edge's position! Don't get the top and bottom mixed up!

Twist them again

Pull both corners to the opposite side, and tie them